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A Different Kind of Animal

A real estate broker was recently overheard expressing her respect for developers and the risks they take.

"Developers," she said, "are a special kind of breed - they shape our world and create the paths on which we walk. Indeed, a special kind of animal..."

Just what kind of animal?

She thinks developers are a lot like the rhinoceros. She shared his characterization of rhinos:

  • Their behavior is aggressive and often unpredictable, and their charge is often preceded by a lot of snorting and kicking up of dust.
  • They have incredibly thick hide. Their skin actually resembles metal armor - rivets and all.
  • They have no sweat glands and need to take a lot of mud baths to stay cool.
  • All members of the species have an excellent sense of smell; their nostril cavities actually exceed their brain in size.
  • Their eyesight is quite poor and experts say they are incapable of seeing what lies directly ahead during a charge. Quite often they miss their targets.
  • A group of rhinos is not known as a herd but as a "crash."
  • And finally, rhinos tend to pile up dung to mark their territory. The dung heap marks the center of the territory and acts as a stimulus to other rhinos. Other rhinos in flight cannot resist the urge to stop and add their contribution to the pile.