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The Brass Frog

A man walks into a curio shop. He's browsing around when he comes across a brass frog. He asks the shopkeeper, "How much?" The shopkeeper says, "Twelve dollars for the frog, a thousand for the story." He thought a moment and said he just wanted the frog, so he paid the $12 and left with the brass frog.

A block from the store he looked behind him and noticed there were 10 frogs following him. A little later he looked back and there were 100 frogs hopping behind him. Still another block later he looked back and 1,000 frogs were hopping behind him. In a panic the man ran down the street toward the creek. As he passed the creek he heaved the brass frog into the creek and all the frogs leaped in after it and died.

The man hurried back to the store and when the shopkeeper inquired if he was ready to pay the thousand dollars for the story, he said, "No, but do you have any brass lawyers?"